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SiteBuilder Web Design Questions & Answers


How Do I Build My Own Website?

Our SiteBuilder software makes it very easy for you to build your own website. There's really lots of ways websites can be made, using templates or CMS, or coding from scratch. The level of technical skill needed varies depending on the approach, but this service isn't interested in any of that!

We have made a service so easy that anyone who has ever sent an email or used a computer can soon get a website designed and live on the internet for everyone to see.

It's really that easy. You sign up online, login and start creating your own website.

Is the SiteBuilder Really Free?

Yes. The software we use is installed automatically for you and can be accessed any time for you to work on your website.

Domain names and hosting DO cost a little though, so we'll set those up for you and charge you as little as we can for them.

There are optional extras, but you only pay for what you want - there are no hidden costs.

Can Your SiteBuilder Create Mobile Websites?

Yes! All the websites created with our free SiteBuilder software are Mobile friendly, you don't have to do anything - just build your website and the SiteBuilder will make it work on tablets, mobiles and computers.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most SiteBuilders or Website Creator services from companies like 123-reg, Heart Internet, 1&1, Moonfruit etc charge around £10.00+ per month for hosting and use of their service - not only do they charge more than us, but your website is stuck on their service forever. If you stop paying them, you go offline.

We only charge £5.00 per month for hosting plus domains, and you completely own your website and domain name. You can also optionally pay for extras if you want them. If you ever wish to transfer to someone else then you can move everything to another provider free of charge.

How Does Your SiteBuilder Work?

First you'll need to register an account with us and choose/transfer your domain name. Don't worry, this can all be done by following the steps we give you onscreen.

Once you have your account and your domain name or internet address is ready we'll email you a login link to access your new website. You can then login whenever and wherever you like and easily create your own website.

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